• Residents in the Windsor/West Hants area may participate, including facility residents, NS Health staff and volunteers at the facility, and family members of current facility residents. 
    • Suggestions from outside the community may be considered based on their merit, and at the discretion of the community panel. 
    • Suggestions from outside Nova Scotia and Canada, and anonymous suggestions will not be considered. 
    • NS Health staff or community members directly involved with organizing and managing this contest will not be eligible to participate.

    Naming Guidelines

    The new name MUST:

    • Reflect the purpose of the building, and role in the community (if applicable)
    • Be culturally appropriate and respectful
    • Align with NS Health’s vision, mission, values and brand
    • Be unique

    Nova Scotia Health’s policy does allow facilities to be named after a person in very special situations. The person being honoured must have made an exceptional contribution to:

    • health care services (locally or nationally)
    • as a professional, staff person or volunteer at the facility, or 
    • made a significant gift or donation to the facility

    For this contest, names of people will be accepted if all the guidelines have been met and the nomination provides evidence of the person’s exceptional contribution.

    Final Decision

    Nova Scotia Health reserves the right not to choose any suggested name resulting from this contest if it deems it to be inconsistent with any or all facility renaming guidelines.

    The decision of the Nova Scotia Health executive on the new name will be final.

    If no name from this contest is selected, no prize will be awarded.