What is engagement?

    Engagement is any process that involves a broad range of interests (patients, families, communities, stakeholders, staff, physicians and/or the public) to identify and set priorities or direction, contribute to or make decisions, influence change, assess and evaluate programs, policies and service. Engagement is two-way, involves the transparent exchange of information, seeks common understanding and leads to trust-based, sustainable relationships

    Why does the Nova Scotia Health Authority engage?

    Engagement with Nova Scotians is part of Nova Scotia Health Authority's (NSHA) mandate, and is a priority for us. It enables dialogue with the public, with patients and families, and with our many partners and stakeholders. It creates opportunities for discussions that matter, opportunities for learning, and lays the foundation for a stronger relationship between Nova Scotians and their health system.

    We have an Engagement Strategic Plan which outlines the roles and responsibilities of the various types of engagement (public patient/family, community, public and stakeholder). We are guided by the IAP2 model and its core values. More information can be found at www.iap2.ca 

    We believe it creates opportunities for discussions that matter, opportunities for learning, and lays the foundation for a stronger connection between Nova Scotians and their health system.

    Nova Scotia Health Authority is committed to supporting our population to be healthy and stay healthy. We will achieve this with the right services and programs in the right place and time, planned with patient and community engagement and provided by competent and caring providers. We will work with our partners to improve patient outcomes, population health and safety in our health system.

    What is “Engage4Health”?

    Engage4Health is an on-line space that connects you to conversations and consultations we are hosting across Nova Scotia. It is a place for information sharing, gathering ideas and feedback, and especially, for making connections.

    While we do want to connect with you here, to protect your privacy, we ask that you do not share details about your personal health situation. 

    What do you do with the feedback you get through this website?

    Most times, the conversations and consultations we feature on this site are part of a larger effort to engage with the public, patients and families, or our partners and stakeholders. We try to provide people with more than one way to give input on any public engagement initiative we are conducting.

    All the feedback and comments we receive through this site are collated with feedback from other sources, such as public meetings. Then they are summarized, sorted into categories, and shared with the appropriate decision makers. An important objective of public engagement is to make sure decisions are well informed by public, patient or stakeholder views. As part of our process we report back what we have heard.

    Can I share feedback about my patient experience on this site?

    Go to the Nova Scotia Health Authority website to find the best way to share patient feedback.

    This on-line space is for public comments and conversation. The information shared here is not confidential or private, and we advise against sharing personal health information on this site. 

    Where can I find information about hospitals and health centres in Nova Scotia?

    You can find hospitals and health centers by clicking this link to interactive map.

    Where can I find information about programs and services?

    Click on this link for information about Nova Scotia Health Authority's programs and services .

    Where can I find information about Community Health Boards?

    You can get information about Community Health Boards here.