About This Site

    The purpose of this online site is to provide information about the community engagement work in Shelburne County, highlight upcoming events and opportunities, and provide a space for Shelburne County residents to offer their feedback and insights.

    Why Community Engagement?

    The most powerful way to create a future is to imagine it together. NSHA is inviting you bring your voice to conversations about your community and the future.

    Let’s shine a light on innovative ideas and fresh thinking, elevating our pride and confidence. Imagine how powerful we could be, coming together with a renewed and collective vision for the future. There is an opportunity to create a foundation for ongoing constructive dialogue about health care in Shelburne, and to find ways to address negativity while amplifying the vitality of the community and the available health care services.

    Information and upcoming community conversation events can be found here

    What is "Our Place Our Time"

    Our Place, Our Time is an initiative born out of conversations held with community members, leaders, and NSHA staff in Shelburne County. There is a desire to shift the conversation to be healthier and more constructive so innovative ideas can take root and grow. It is about listening and taking action in a more positive way for a healthier future together.