Why is this conversation important?

    We are spending more and more money on health care but we aren't getting any healthier. This is a big challenge. The health system can't solve this problem alone. It will take all of us working together to make a difference.

    Why does 'Talk about health' focus on health status, not health care?

    Health begins where we live, learn, work and play. If we think and talk only about “fixing” illness, we are missing the bigger picture.

    One of the most important elements of addressing our current health status is
    talking frankly and openly about health – with our communities, friends, neighbours and system partners.

    Rather than talking solely about health care delivery, we need to shift to talk about
    what it will take to improve our individual and collective health as a province.

    Check out the video "Let's Start A Conversation About Health" (created by Public Health in northern Nova Scotia) in the resources section on the right side of the main Talk about health page to learn more about the importance of health status.

    This seems like a very big topic. How is it going to work?

    This is a multi-phase conversation that will be taking place over the next couple of years.

    In phase 1 we will share our health status reality in Nova Scotia and start talking about how we got here, what information you need to meaningfully participate in this conversation and what your expectations are for the future.

    In phase 2 we will talk more about the healthy future we want and begin to think about what we need to do to get there.

    In phase 3 we will explore the different choices we must make and what gets in the way of making different choices.

    The outcome of this conversation will be a vision of what a healthier Nova Scotia looks like, and a pathway for achieving the vision that many have helped create.

    How can I get involved?

    There are lots of different ways to get involved in Talk about health:

    1. Post something on this site, or comment on something someone else has posted... There! You've started a conversation about health.
    2. Look for events in your local area to attend.
    3. Host a conversation of you own. Whether at the dinner table with family or friends, or at the meeting table for your church group, service club or volunteer organization, your book club, etc., we have a do-it-yourself conversation kit available to help.
    4. Write a letter-to-the-editor of your local newspaper about improving the health of your community.
    5. Become a Community Health Board volunteer in your local community. (Ask us how)
    6. Encourage your employer to hold a conversation about health at work.
    If you want to connect with us about events in your area or hosting a conversation, send us an email.

    What will you do with the comments I leave on this site?

    Your comments will be collated with the all feedback we will receive from Nova Scotians, either on-line or at public events. 

    We will review each comment to make sure we understand the points you are sharing. Then we will group and sort all comments into categories by general theme or topic. 

    We will summarize this information and share it with decision makers here in the NS Health Authority, and with decision makers in our many other partner organizations.