Why are we doing this survey?

    The purpose of the survey is to gather information from patients about their experience in the Emergency Department. The survey covers areas like the quality of care, overall experience and communication with healthcare providers. Currently we receive feedback from patients if they individually come forward in relation to a positive or negative experience in our care. We would like to provide an avenue for patients to provide general feedback confidentially.

    What will you do with the information?

    The survey will provide information about how patients currently experience care in our Emergency Departments. It will identify for us what we are doing well and what we need to improve on. We will create a summary of the findings to share with patients and families, the NSHA, and the Department of Health and Wellness. This summary will be posted on this site, in the Spring of 2020. 

    How will the survey results be used?

    Results from the survey will be used to identify strengths and opportunites to improve emergency healthcare delivery, focusing on key themes. The results will be provided to individual departments in order to improve the quality and efficiency of emergency healthcare services. 

    Will my answers be confidential?

    Yes. We keep all information collected as private and confidential as possible. General findings and identified themes will be shared, but individual responses will remain confidential. 

    Why can there be long wait times in the Emergency Department?

    Concerns regarding wait times in the Emergency Department are commonly shared with us. We recognize that wait times in our current healthcare system can be excessive. Not all factors that affect wait times are within the Emergency Department's control. Many factors affect patient wait times. Some of these reasons include: how urgently you and others need care, and how busy the Emergency Department is. Patients are seen based on urgency, not first come, first served; a patient who appears okay may require immediate medical attention. We are committed to work within the system to decrease wait times. This survey will help us improve the patient’s experience. 

    Where can I provide feedback on my experiences with other programs or services at NSHA?

    Every day, we learn from patients, clients and families. When you tell us about your experience – good or bad – it helps us improve the care and service we provide. If you would like to provide additional feedback about your experiences in any NSHA facilities, please click here for contact information or call 1-844-884-4177.