30 January 2019

Results Shared

NSHA Cancer Care Program leader and Minister of
Health and Wellness visit Yarmouth to meet with Cancer Care Program Staff and
Stakeholders to share results of Yarmouth Area Cancer Services Review

Yarmouth Area Cancer Services Review: Full Report on NSHA website

05 September 2018

Stage 5 Final Report

In this stage all feedback provided will have been considered and analyzed, as well as any draft recommendations considered prior to the report being finalized. A launch of the report will be announced when available. 
13 June 2018

Stage 4 Gathering and understanding all collected evidence

In stage 4 we will start to theme key ideas from all of the evidence (information) gathered during the review process. We will have a sense of what are important elements for Nova Scotians. We will also learn and understand what Nova Scotians value and what principles impact on operations and services. 
16 January 2018

Stage 3 In-depth consultations- public

In this stage, we will engage with Nova Scotians through focus groups and a survey to hear their perspectives and understand what is important to patients and families.
01 November 2017

Stage 2 Consultations with Steering Committee

In this stage, the Steering Committee meets regularly for planning. Patients and Families are members of this committee.
01 September 2017

Stage 1 Literature view

In this initial stage, we have searched best practice and also completed a literature review to inform our planning.